What can you do to help protect the environment? What can your classmates do? What can the community do? What will happen if we take no action to protect the environment?

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It is vital that we seek to protect and take care of our environment because we are living in a period of time where human life and actions are having grave impacts on the natural climate around us. Climate change, global warming, pollution of natural spaces and the disruption and destruction of environments all are resulting because of human activity.  There are many ways that we can seek to improve the environment and decrease the destructive impact we have on the environment. We can drive less and walk more, reuse things rather than buying new ones, buy products that use recycled materials or that have a lower carbon footprint, eat less meat, and the list goes on. Individuals and communities can also seek to invest in renewable energy sources and to try and impact the political system to create more environment friendly policies. 

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