What caused the Western Roman Empire to fall? There was no single cause, and no sudden fall. Rome’s decline took place over many years, and was the result of many factors. Write a short essay that briefly describes the factors that led to the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire.

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They were eight factors why Western Rome fell, though it it did not fall right away, the empire has been gradually declining. One of factors of its decline is the constant invasion of Barbarian tribes. Western Rome were condtantly threatened by Germanic Tribes and suffered sting of losses that contibuted to the economic problems. Western Rome was also very dependent on their slave and government official were spending too much. They even resulted to abusive taxation just to stabilized their economy. Aside from that they were also suffering from labor deficit. The rise of the Eastern empore contributed to the downfall of the West. Both halves of the empire failed to work harmoniously and often times fight over resources and military aid. Many Germanic Tribes were afraid to attact the East empire because they were fortified compared to the West. Overexpansion also cause the downfall of Rome. Because of its expansive territory, it is hard for officials to govern the state. Corruption and political instabilty also caused the downfall of Rome. Leaders were not effecient as well as the were not qualified. Another factor of their downfall, the arrival of the Huns and Migration of the Germanic Tribes. When the Huns invaded the territories of the Germanic, these tribes were pushed back towards the northern part of the territory. Roman soldiers were also very cruel to these tribes, resulting these tribes to revolt against the empire. Christianity and loss of tradition values was another factor. Many church leaders had seek powere and meddle in the political affairs of the state, thus complicating it further. Lastly, the weakening of the military force of Rome. They had failed to get good soldier as well as hiring foreign soldiers with zero loyalty to the state.

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