what is 5/12 + 5/6 (this is math)

(2) Answers

(5/12) + (5/6) = 1.25


1. Find a common denominator (bottom number) so adding is easier. 2. Whatever number you multiply the denominator to make them common, multiple the numerator of the same fraction by that number. 3. Add the numerators together. 4. Place the new numerator over the denominator. Problem: The least common denominator (LCD) for 5/12 and 5/6 is 12. Hence, the equation becomes 5/12 + 10/12 (it is a ten because both the numerator and denominator have to be multiplied by two.)  5 + 10 is 15. The answer is 15/12.  If you want to simplify this, find the highest number you can divide them both by. In this case, it would 3 because that is the highest factor in BOTH of these numbers. The simplified answer is 5/4. Hopes this helps! :)

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