What is the 1.09 Dba for algebra 1 about ?

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I take it your doing FLVS? If so, every teacher chooses to ask different questions. My best advice to you is to go on your teachers help page and look for resources such as a study guide. It's also a good idea to review vocabulary terms. You could also watch help videos on Khan academy. I'm sorry I couldn't be much help to you. Good luck on your DBA!


If your doing VLACS then it's different questions this is all the questions they ask. 1. What does it mean “isolate the variable” when given an equation? 2. When a variable drops out of the equation, what are the two possible solutions that you can get when you try to solve and what do they mean? Give an example of your own what each answer would look like. 3. Explain why absolute value equations have more than one solution. Create an absolute value equation with no solution and explain why it does not have one. 4. Do you think inequalities or equations are used more in everyday life? Justify your answer. In your answer include literal equations. How is solving a literal equation different from a one- or two-step equation? 5. Compare the process of solving an equation and an inequality. What are the differences and the similarities? Hope I helped.

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