What is the approximate area of the figure? A. 84.8 square feet B. 94.6 square feet C. 114.3 square feet D. 49.6 square feet

(1) Answers

figure is made out of 1 rectangle and 2 half circles 2 half circles=1 whole circle area of rectangle=LW area of circle=pir^2 aprox pi=3.14 for this problem L=15 W=5 LW=5 times 15=75 ara of circle 5=diameter diameter/2=radius 5/2=radius=2.5 3.14(2.5^2)=area of circle 3.14(6.25)=A 19.625=A add them area of rectangle+area of circle=75+19.625=94.625 answer is B

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