What is the conclusion of the Great Wall of China?

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It was built to keep their enemies from getting in I hope I helped u


Hi, I've collected those for you.  The amazing great wall has been build by different empires to defend their enemies and to prevent invasion or intrusion from other states in China .Many people have given their lives building the great wall ,and many more defending the wall. With a history of over 2,000 years ,the great wall witnessed the changes of time ,the lives of people ,the happening of events ,and the stories of many individuals.So much laughter ,so much tears, the great wall all endured in silence.Now the great wall is one of the wonders of the world .Behind the breathtaking great wall holds many unforgettable memories and histories.It is advise that one much see and climb the great wall as it is said that if one has not climbed the Great Wall ,one has not been to China. Hope this helped out!! If there're any grammar mistakes, let me know please!

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