What is the role of RNA? provide the original blueprint for protein production move information from the ribosomes to the nucleus for protein synthesis break down proteins into amino acid monomers move information from the nucleus to the ribosomes for protein synthesis

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A nucleic acid is ribonucleic acid or RNA is a polymer consisting of nucleotides. Each nucleotide is a nitrogenous base, consisting of a ribose sugar and a phosphate. RNA plays many important biological roles, among them genetic information carried in DNA protein translation (translation) is located in the various related processes. Messenger of the RNA types of RNA, the information in the DNA carries protein synthesis in place with the ribosomes, ribosomal RNA ribosome forms the most important part, the carrier is required for the transport of RNA is to be used to be used in the synthesis of protein amino acids. In addition, various types of RNA editing is to what extent the benefits of active genes. RNA, DNA differs in certain constructional details but are very similar. RNA is usually single stranded in the cell, DNA is usually double-stranded. RNA nucleotides contain ribose, deoxyribose DNA is (a type of missing oxygen atoms, a ribozyme) are. Uracil in DNA is replaced in some RNA and thymine bases in RNA is usually subject to further chemical modification. RNA, DNA reading of the RNA polymerase (transcription) were synthesized, and then undergoes further processed by the other enzymes. Some of these RNA processing enzyme comprise their own RNA.


The answer is A. Because RNA helps in protein production. It encodes the data present on DNA and carry out the process of protein synthesis.

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