what is the theme of henry huggins by beverly cleary and what is the beginning middle and end plot and the theme of ralph s mouse

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Theme of Henry Huggins --- It is a really funny book with an irresistible boy's adventures. The story is about Henry Huggins, a little boy who lived in a boring world until a stray dog Ribsy came in his life. From that day on Henry never found his life boring and experienced one exciting event after another. Theme of Ralph S. Mouse --- Ralph has befriended a young boy called Ryan. Ryan has given him the name Ralph Smart Mouse. They have a lot of fun in the story and adventures in the story, and also some good morals to learn. Plot --- Ralph is afraid that the mouses in the hotel will be discovered, and he does not want to share his motorcycle with his cousins as they could could damage it, so he runs away with Ryan to his school where everyone in the class makes him their a class pet. Ryan is having trouble with a boy called Brad who accidentally breaks Ralph's bike. When Brad discovers Ralph can talk, he decides to help them and gives him his toy car. Ralph discovers he can allow his siblings to ride it and that he does not have to worry that they are irresponsible, and Ryan and Brad become best buddies.

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