what was the impact of international trade in the north? why did citizens in the south oppose government spending? how did tarrif policies impact the west? what was the impact of international trade in the west? Did the citizens of the west support or oppose government spending? why? what was slave life like in the west? how did slavery impact the west? what were some abolitionist activities in the west? why did the Democratic party support the west?

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1. The north lacked certain food, material, and hunting items that the south U.S. had 2. Not entirely sure, but I'm pretty sure it's because it cost more money or material for the citizens of the south  3. ? 4. Slaves were treated as if they were not as a whole person, but less than one, therefore with disrespect and unfairly. They were given little (but enough) food and clothing to survive and slept anywhere they could. 5. The west I'm guessing enjoyed having slavery and took advantage. 6. ? 7. ? Sorry, I haven't learned too much about the west. we are still learning about the East.

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