What's negative five twelfths minus three tenths?

(2) Answers

-0.7166666666666666 that is the answer I got but can be rounded to -0.72


-5/12 minus 3/12= ? since the equation above also means -5/12 + -3/12, you can solve it like that. for me, the way I wrote above is easier for me to solve, so I would solve it like that. you should solve it however you find easiest. okay, since both denominators are 12 you wouldn't have to change them, so you would keep the denominatior as 12. for the numerator, we have to add -5 + -3 (or again, you can just do -5 minus 3) and the answer would be -8. The answer is -8/12. That simplified is -2/3 (divide both by 4). Hope I helped!

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