Social Studies

Which of the following is not necessarily a part of someone’s ethnicity? a. Food b. Language c. Race d. Customs

(2) Answers

the one that is not necessarily a part of someone's ethnicity is : C. race a lot of people has a misconception about the definition of ethnicity. Ethnicity is the cultural tradition that exist from a social group. Ethnicity is not related to your DNA, it's related to the way people in your social group behave and operate their daily lives.


The correct answer should be C. Race. That's because people can often be parts of the same ethnic groups while still being a different race. Race itself is predominantly a social construct because it implies that there's a step lower than Species when it comes to differentiation of the Homo Sapiens. Race depends on climate and if white people lived near the equator, or if African people lived in northern parts of Europe, they would have different skin colors.

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