Which of the following represents part of the reason the United States was interested in supporting the economies of Europe with the Marshall Plan? a.The United States feared that Europe would lose control of its colonies and this would cause war. b.The United States wanted to use it to force European countries to join organizations like NATO. c.The United States wanted to promote the rebuilding of Europe to prevent the spread of communism. d.The United States needed Europe to be economically stable enough to participate in the Korean War.

(2) Answers

Its C. Remember that this is a post-WW2 act when the USA was seeking to end the spread of communism to any further countries. The USA thought that if they gave the destroyed countries money to rebuild they would less likely to fall to communism because they would be stable.


The answer is letter C. The Marshall Plan was also known as the European Recovery Plan, a plan made by the United States in order to aid Europe after World War II, this plan was made  in order to stop Communism from spreading all over Europe.

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