Social Studies

Which of the following was not a condition for a Southern state's readmission to the Union? A. rewriting the state's constitution B. giving former slaves some of the land C. ratifying the Thirteenth Amendment D. ratifying the Fourteenth Amendment

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The question states which of the following was NOT a condition. And I know for sure for the South being able to be readmitted to the Union, they had to ratify the Thirteen Amendment of 1865. For the Fourteen Amendment of 1866, Republican congressmen stated southern states had to ratify the amendment before they could reenter the Union. With this information [Hopefully I'm right and hopefully this isn't confusing ^^'] I think we only have 2 options left, options A and B. I researched a few things and I read pardoned voters must rewrite state's constitution for legal emancipation. So I think the answer would be B, Hopefully this helped!

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