Which of these can be classified as a pure substance? Question 14 options: solution compound heterogeneous mixture homogeneous mixture Save Question 15 (1 point) Question 15 Unsaved If a solution is saturated, which of these is true? Question 15 options: More solute can be dissolved. The concentration cannot be increased. The solution has a low concentration of solute. More solvent can be dissolved. Save Question 16 (1 point) Question 16 Unsaved The following characteristics describe which of these terms? The substance is not uniform in appearance and each part of the mixture contains a combination of different ingredients in different ratios. Question 16 options: heterogeneous mixtures homogeneous mixtures pure substance solution Save Question 17 (1 point) Question 17 Unsaved Which one of the following is not a compound? Question 17 options: salt sugar water chocolate chip cookies Save Question 18 (1 point) Question 18 Unsaved Which one of the following is not a homogeneous mixture? Question 18 options: vegetable soup carbonated beverages saline solution brewed tea ~ What is the difference between a compound and a mixture? A mixture is a pure substance, but a compound is not. A compound is a pure substance, but a mixture is not. Mixtures are chemically combined, but compounds are not. You cannot separate mixtures, but you can separate compounds. ~ Which of these is a unique property of acids? feels slippery tastes sour has a PH level of 10 or higher contains a carbon

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compound, breward tea, taste sour

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