Social Studies

Which statement is true based on the exchange rate table below? Japan YEN 101.96 China YUAN 6.2471 Mexico PESO 12.8575 Canada DOLLAR 1.0853 One hundred Japanese yen is able to buy 7.93 Mexican pesos. The exchange rate between the Chinese yuan and the U.S. dollar is 1.0853. One U.S. dollar is able to buy 1.0853 Canadian dollars.

(1) Answers

To be able to answer this item, we have to do the dimensional analysis depending on the given in each of the choices. (a)   100  Japanese Yen (12.8575 Mexican Peso/101.96 Japan Yen)  = 12.61 Mexican Peso (FALSE) (b)   1 Chinese Yuan ( 1 U.S. dollar / 6.2471 Chinese Yuan) = 0.16 U.S dollar (FALSE) (c)   1 U.S dollar (1.0853 Canadian dollar/ 1 U.S. dollar ) = 1.0853 Canadian dollar (TRUE) Thus, the answer to this item is the third choice. 

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