Which word correctly completes this sentence? La Professor de gimnasia es más _______que la profesora de economic A: Guapo B: entusiasta C: tolerancia D: pacienia

(2) Answers

Guapo > handsome Entusiasta > enthusiast, enthusiastic Tolerancia > tolerance Paciencia > patience The sentence requires a word in the form of an adjective. The only words given that are adjectives are 'guapo' and 'entusiasta' (if you're meaning 'enthusiastic'). However, I think I would go with 'guapo' and it is the only sure and safest answer.


If you're talking about a female teacher it would be profesora instead of professor. Professor is used for a male teacher... with that being said, if you're talking about a male teacher it'd be guapo but if you're talking about a female teacher it'd be guapa. Example: female teacher - La professora de el gimnasio es más GUAPA que la profesora de ciencias económicas.

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