why is 1-6 greater than 1-8 but less than 1-3?

(2) Answers

Because when subtracting a larger number from a smaller number you end up with a negative number. The "higher" the negative number really means that it is a smaller value. Therefore -8 < -5 < -2


Buy 3 pies (or draw circles on paper)... Cut the pies (or draw lines in your circles) to evenly divide in 3, 6, 8.... Now take one slide from each out in a plate (or if you chose to draw, only colour in one slice). Which looks bigger? (It should be 1/3) Basically, representing a number as a fraction represents a number (rank, odds, etc) out of a total number. If you have 5 friends over. You could have 1/6 of pie (because you will have cut in 6 so that you and5 friends could have a slice). Whereas, if you only invited 2 friends, you could have 1/3 of the pie yourself (more pie ,remember that you cut the pie in 3 four you and 2 friends ). Now try 1/2, 1/3, 1/4

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