Why was Maximilien de Robespierre executed? He wanted to retain the French nobility. He didn’t believe in democratic reform. He eventually became a tyrant. He was found guilty of treason.

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What- set price limits and allowed for continued flow of food supply to the people of France. Written with an eye towards businessmen who were profiting from the demise of the French economy. However, in practice, the law targeted local shopkeepers, butchers, bakers and farmers—the merchants who were profiting the least from the economic crisis. When- 1793 Where- France Why- Although the Law of Suspects (Which is what this law is piggy baking on) was initially created to deal with counter-revolutionaries loyal to the crown, hunger and poverty were seen by the Committee as equally dangerous to both the national interest and their positions within the government. The law gave legal protection to consumers who reported violations of the Maximum to local officials. Provided the consumer did not have a role in the infraction and gave report to the proper authorities denouncing the merchant, fines would only be levied against shop owners.

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