wind moves in a what direction in the Northern Hemisphere and in a what direction in the Southern Hemisphere because of the Coriolis effect

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The coriolis effect refers to the fact that the equator rotates more quickly than any other part of the Earth. Overall, with the northern hemisphere at the top, the earth spins from the west towards the east, in an anticlockwise fashion. Because the entire sphere rotates with the same angular velocity, and more distance needs to be traveled at the equator than above it, then if you have a wind forming, the part of the wind closer to the equator will move faster. This doesn't mean that all wind will do this, as it's not an extremely huge effect, but it is relevant when talking about how cyclones form. in the northern hemisphere, because the bottom of the "circle" which forms the cyclone is closer to the equator, and the equator moves from west to east, the bottom of the circle will move from west to east as well, causing the entire cyclone to rotate in an anticlockwise fashion. But if the cyclone forms in the southern hemisphere, the top of the "circle" moves faster from west to east, causing the entire cyclone to rotate clockwise. It can be easier to think of it how gears work. If I have a big gear at the equator (as in the gear is the equator), and then I put two little gears perpendicular to it on the top and bottom, which way will they rotate?

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