Write a short script (15–20 lines) that creates an imagined scene between two or three characters. The scene should show a universal theme, such as "friends help and defend each other” or "fights can last a long time.” Be sure to set the mood of your scene by using stage directions to show how characters should interact with one another.

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I woke up. It was blurry, the sun was shining on me, ugh so much light! "Wake up Summer!" someone yelled at my face, I didn't know who it was, my vision was still blurry, then the person who yelled at my face, handed me some water to drink. I hear the ocean, swish-swoosh, I felt the sand on my hand, I got up and saw sand. Where I'm I? "Summer, you finally up!" Happiness came from that voice, but I didn't know who she was. "Who are you?" I said, "Summer, it's me KT! C'mon let's go find Dana!" She said her name was KT but I still didn't know who she was, or Dana whoever she is. "Who's Dana?" I was so confused. "Summer, stop playing games!" KT said. 

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