Write an equation in standard form of the line passing through the given pair of points. The line goes through the points ​(3​,4​) and ​(3​,1​) What is the equation of the line? A. x=3 B. y=4 C. Undefined D. x+y=4

(2) Answers

(3,4)(3,1) little tip.....if ur points have the same x value, which they do....the 3's, then it is a vertical line and is represented by x = a number. That number would be ur x values. So the equation for this line is x = 3. <== if ur y values would have been the same, it would have been a horizontal line represented by y = a number...and that number would be the y values


Answer: x = 3 If you picture the line, it goes through points that are on the same part of the x-axis, which means that it is a straight vertical line. Also, since it passes through 3 on the x-axis and does not touch the y-axis at all, you can only say that x = 3

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