y/7 + 6 = 11 What is y? please explain how to solve these type of equations!!

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ok so this is gonna get confusing but you just gotta pace yourself with these problems.  so you need to get y on its own, that's the point of this equation. to begin, you see the y is attached to a /7 so you cant do much with it. So you want to begin to get rid of the 6.  Since its in the equation with a plus, you undo it with subtraction. 6-6 is zero so now your 6 is gone, but you also need to do the same thing on the opposite side of the equal sign. So, 11-6. this equals 5.  Now, you are left with y/7=5  It's time to get rid of the /7 now since its the last number that is with the Y. just like we undid addition wiht subtraction, we are going to undo division with multiplication. so the /7 with the y is gone. and now all you need to do is 7x5 because you have to do the same operations on oth sides of equation in order to undo your functions. 7x5 is 35 so y=35  (I'll add a picture of work that i wrote out!

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