You plan to make cakes. Each cake requires 1 1/4 cup of sugar. you have 7 1/3 cups of sugar . How many cakes can you make ?

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To find the answer, you must divide the total amount of sugar you have by the required amount of sugar per cake. To make the problem more simplified make the total amount of sugar be a top-heavy fraction. This can be found be multiplying the denominator by the whole number and adding the numerator. This number is now the numerator and the denominator will be the same. For 7 1/3, it will become 22/3. To solve the problem, you divide (22/3)  by (11/4). When dividing fractions, you flip the second one over and multiply. This can be expressed as (22/3)*(4/11). Multiply the numerator and multiply the denominators and you get 88/33. You can now simplify it by dividing 11, which results as 8/3. Transform this into a mixed number, which is 2 2/3. The number of cakes you can make will be the whole number (2). This means that a total of 2 cakes can be made with the amount of sugar you have.

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