20 oraciones en ingles tiempo pasado

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1)He was in another country  2)I was a good student. 3)We were old friends. 4)It was hot yesterday.  5)He was at the beach this morning 6)She was a quiet baby. 7)They were at home this morning. 8)He was sad 9)He was in the same class as Peter last year 10)The sky was cloudy. 11)You were very serious 12)My aunt was a good tennis player. 13)He was a football player at college 14)The window was closed. 15)He was a lawyer 16)She was absent from class yesterday. 17)She was sick yesterday 18)They were good friends for many years. 19)The pencil was on the desk 20)She was a good football player. Espero te sirvan :)

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