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20 oraciones en pasado co tinuo

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* I was watching TV when she called.  * When the phone rang, she was writing a letter.  * While we were having the picnic, it started to rain.  * What were you doing when the earthquake started?  * I was listening to my iPod, so I didn't hear the fire alarm.  * You were not listening to me when I told you to turn the  oven off.  * While John was sleeping last night, someone stole his car.  * Sammy was waiting for us when we got off the plane.  * While I was writing the email, the computer suddenly went off.  * What were you doing when you broke your leg?  * I was snowboarding.  *He was traveling on a carriage, and he frequently told the driver to stop...'  *While/When Leonardo was drawing a deer, a mysterious young man came forth.'*  *Leonardo was drawing a deer when a mysterious young man came forth.'*  *As she was walking to the kitchen, she heard strange noises coming from Leonardo's studio.'*  *This morning at 8 o'clock she was reading .  *While she was listening to music, her brother did his homework.  *Last Monday he was traveling .  *When he arrived, I was watching TV.  *She was playing tennis.

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