20 oraciones en tiempo pasado simple

(1) Respuestas

Espero que estas frases te sirvan:  1. I traveled around your country last summer 2. Yesterday I met your husband at the cinema 3. He was the man who saved my life 4. Did you see his face? 5. We went by bus in that occasion 6. I bought this car in January 7. Suddenly, Tom appeared in my house and asked for his brother 8. I didn’t think about that, sorry! 9. Did she go to the Paris in the August of 2008? 10. They didn’t do it 11. It rained all night 12. Where did you buy those chocolates? 13. I´m sure he was there, I saw him 14. When I was a child, I didn´t like horses 15. Last year I went to Europe with my aunt 16. I wrote a note for you, didn’t you see it? 17. Paul didn’t study for the exam 18. We were best friends during the school 19. Did you see the new building in the centre? 20. They didn’t believe him

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