20 oraciones subordinadas en ingles tiempo pasado

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John said that comes later.John said "it."My aunt thinks coming weekend.My aunt thinks "that."I wonder if they want to come.I wonder "this". That day I fell asleep, I was late.That day, which I fell asleep, I was late.Rosa, who is my cousin, accompany us to the concert.Rosa, which is my cousin, accompany us to the concert.The town where I grew up, is full of monuments.The city in which I grew up, is full of monuments.


Cerrar pantalla completaNot worth apologize at this point. (subject) They give you an exemption from taxes which were affected by the disaster. (indirect object) I was surprised that I pretend to date her. (End of a supplement regimen) It is possible that the group has been delayed. (subject) I was told to come after five. (direct object) Park where you see room for two cars. (Circumstantial complement of place) I intend to go out with her. (End of a supplement regimen) The rocket was off for the first that helped in its creation. (Agent complement) Drinking alcohol in the street is prohibited. (subject) A year ago I hope the launch of this new cell phone. (direct object) It was close to being caught by the police. (End of a supplement regimen) They gave a scholarship to students with the best grades. (indirect object) The important thing is to share moments with friends. (subject) At all times we act as we had resolved in previous meetings. (So ​​circumstantial) I do not understand the new book by the prestigious author. (direct object) Finally, he gave most of his wealth (direct object) whom I had more time together. (indirect object) You can not go to recess until you finish this exercise. (Circumstantial time) He was told the terrible news for his best friend. (Agent complement) The important thing is that everyone is well. (subject) He who sat beside you is a friend of my brother. (subject)

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