Alguien me puede decir como se pronuncia este dialogo en ingles?? -Hello Chiquinquira. -Hello Yoliannys. - What area do you study? -I currently am studying psychology, how about you? What section?- -I am in the area of medicine!.- -Oh, good! -Yes, you did Saturday? -I went to a water park with my friends, but one of them is sick and we had to return. -Oh, That's bad. -Yes, you did? -I went to the hospital, it had hurt my foot, but I'm already doing well. -Well, I have to go, we'll talk later. -Okay,Bye!

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Gelou Chiquinquira Gelou Youlanis Guat area du yu estadi hay currentli am estading sicoloulli, jou abaut yu? guat secshion? hay am in de area of medisain ou,gud yes yu did saturdei hay guent tu de jouspital it had hart mai fut bat haiam olredi doing guel guel hay jaf tu gou guill tok leiter oquei bai

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