bonjour je voudrais savoir si j ai bon a mon devoir d anglais je dois mettre l extrait de romeo et juliette au discourt indirect i don t know how to tell you who i am by telling you a name.i hate my name ,because my name is your enemy.if i had it written down,i would tear up the paper. i haven t heard you say a hunddred words yet,but i recognize the sound of your voice .are you romeo? are you a montague? I HATE HOW TO TELL HE WHO I DON T BY TELLING HE A NAME .IDON T NAME .BECAUSE IS YOUR ENEMY. IF I HATE WRITT DOWN I HAVE THE PAPER .I DON T HUNDRED WORRDS BUT HE RECOGNIZED THE SOUND OF HIS VICE .YOU ARE ROMEO

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i don't know how to tell you this name . i hate my name because it's your enemy. if i had it written down , i would tear up a paper . i didn't heard you say a hundred words yet , but i recognize your voice . are you Romeo ? are you a montague ? I DON'T LIKE TELLING THAT GUY THE WORST NAME . I DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT'S YOUR ENNEMY . IF I HATE TO WRITE DOWN I ALSO HAD THE PAPER . I DON'T HAVE HUNDRED WORDS BUT HE RECOGNIZED HIS VOISE ... YOU'RE ROMEO .

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