Bonsoir à tous , J'ai besoin d'une description de Hector Pieterson ( il est en train de mourir sur la photo ) Je suis en 4 ème merci à tous 

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In this photo, Hector Pieterson is carried by an other older student. He's wearing is student's suit


bonjour  (bonsoir) ....^^ This "iconic" image has been taken by a black South African photographer, Sam Nizra,  in Soweto in June 1976 during the uprising between police and protesting students. After beenthe photo was published , Sam Nizra had to hide himself and was under police surveillance. This  black and white picture represents three black people in a sunny street.  Behind them, the crowd seems quite peaceful, as nothing had happened, miles away from that emotional scene. However two of them are running in tears.  On the foreground, a young boy, wearing a white shirt and an overalls,and besides a young girl wearing a student uniform, her hand open forwards as a stop sign....the third one is carried by Mbuyisa Makubo, the young eighteeen years old student, who picked him up in his arms, his body is  curled up, his head tiltes behind, rolling around from left to right. He is Hector Pieterson, a young twelve years boy just shot by the police; the young lady is Antoinette Pieterson, her sister. they are  running towards Sam Nzima's car ; that's when he took this picture. What is schocking is the suffering and the pain on the faces of these teenagers, due to the image of death , and the cause of this violence. It is known that this uprising , first peaceful, became quite violent and agressive  when the police arrived . The students were protesting against the introduction of Africaan language at school as as an official language as English. For them, Africaan was the language of the oppressor, that's  why they were protesting. j'espère que ça correspond + ou - à tes attentes ....... Bonne journée

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