Help me please I need it tomorrow write a paragraph about the following when is your birthday what are you going to do

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For exemple : i bought new clothes to wear them in my birthday . i ask mum to prépare the cake and the dicoration of the place where i will do my birthday . i invit my friends ... You can also write haw do you feel : happy very exating i have a pretty smile ....


When my birthday will come I will invite my friends to attend my birthday party !And I'll ask my parents to decorate every corner of the garden , the place where we celebrate birthdays party every years. I'll wear new clothes , new shoes and I'll make a new hair style . I'll also ask my parents to buy me lots of presents and achieve my best wishes . I'll be so glade of me too because I'll be more grand and more responsible of myself and it's the time for what I was waiting . Voila:)

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