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Bardzo proszę o pomoc!   Are these sentences True or False? Clay Marzo is a 20-year-old surfing champion, and other pro surfers admit that he is really special. But when Marzo leaves the waves, he doesn't look confident or relaxed – in fact, he often seems rude. Marzo has Asperger's syndrome. The condition makes it difficult to communicate in normal social situations. However, the condition sometimes brings special abilities and Marzo has an amazing memory. He uses this to help his surfing: when he sees a wave, he compares it with all the other waves that he remembers. Marzo learned to lie on a surfboard and paddle when he was two. He could surf at four and entered his first tournament at five. He had professional contracts when he was eleven, and won his first national championship at fifteen. But his strange behaviour made it difficult for him to be part of the surfing 'scene', so he left. Nobody knew about his condition at that time. Later, a film director called Jamie Tierney was making a documentary about Clay Marzo when he realised that the boy had Asperger's syndrome. (Tierney's parents are psychologists.) Marzo began treatment for his condition and now he can compete in tournaments again.   1. Clay Marzo does not look relaxed when he's surfing. 2. Marzo finds it difficult to talk to people because he has Asperger's syndrome. 3. Marzo has a very good memory. 4. Marzo became a professional surfer when he was fifteen years old. 5. Marzo found the life of a professional surfer difficult because he has Asperger's syndrome. 6. A film director's parents were the first people to realise that Marzo had Asperger's syndrome.

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1.False 2.True 3.True 4.False 5.True 6.True  

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