Język angielski

choose the correct answer . Write it in your notebook. 1 while I waited/was waiting for the bus, I saw/was seeing my fried. 2. I walked /was walking along the street when the thief ran /was running out of the shop. 3while we copied/were copying the answers the teacher saw / was seeing us 4. They had /were having dinner when the phone rang/was ringing. 5 . What did you do / were you doing when they arrived /were arriving? 6Maria came /was coming to the front door while she had /was having a bath.

(1) Odpowiedź

1. was waiting, I saw. 2. walking ablong, ran 3. were copying, saw us 4. were having, was 5. were you doing, when they arrived 6. came, was having Robiłam to na szybko, mam nadzieje ze dobrze, ;)

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