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Proszę o napisanie jak to się czyta po Angielsku     Let me tell you about an article that I read recently. It concerned the Brits eat. First article talks about the fact that they eat a lot of meat english. A popular dish is fish served with french fries. As one of the national dishes is considered beef burger - beef burger. The most common cheese is cheddar on Islands. In most restaurants you can order the highly successful vegetarian. Secondly, the English are seen as the greatest fans in the world of tea. They believe that it is a remedy for everything - illness, stress, failure. Beer consumption is high, and the diversity offered beers. Alcohol is the most famous whiskey. Next article talked about how the day Brits. The day begins with biscuits or "breakfast bars". For lunch, eat a sandwich bought. It all ends in late dinner after the nineteenth.

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let mi tel ju ebałt an artikul dat aj red resentli.it konsernd de brits it.ferst artikul toks ebałt de fakt dat dej it e lot of mit inglisz.E popjular dysz is fysz serwd liw frencz frajs.As łan of de naszonal dyszys is konsydert bif burger-bif burger.De mołst komon cziz is czedar on ajsland.In mołst restałrants ju ken order de hajli seksesful wedzetarian.Sekendli,de Inglisz are sin as de grejtest fans in de łerld of ti.Dej bilif dat it is a remedi for ewryfing-ilnes,stres,fejler.Bir konsampszon is haj end de dajwersiti ofert birs.Alkohol is de mołst fejmąs łyski.Next artikul talkt ebałt de dej Brits.De dej begins łif biskets or brekfest bars.For lancz,it e sendłicz bot,it ol ends in lejt diner after de najntinf.

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