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Proszę o streszczenie tekstu poniżej tak z 1/3 lub 1/4 tego co jest. It was a couple years ago it was December 24 was at the train station in Chicago a bit away for six months because I was travelling around Canada and the US by train and by bus and now I was trying to get home to be with my family New York I want to be at home on Christmas Day by train was supposed to leave at 2 PM the trouble was the weather was absolutely terrible there was a snowstorm and all the trains were running late of course the 24th is the busiest travel time of the year in the US so there were hundreds of people at the station and they were all in the waiting room is trying to keep warm at 5 PM we heard an announcement that all the trains leaving the station a day were cancelled it was freezing at the station but I didn't see any point in leaving I wouldn't be able to get on a bus or even in a taxi and I wasn't keen on going anywhere for that bad weather I decided that I can afford to stay at a hotel but I thought they would be for so I didn't bother forming any of them in the end I spent a sleepless night in the waiting room with all the other passengers a lot of them were angry but I didn't feel like that nothing can change the situation I phoned my family and told them not to worry then I spent the night chatting to some other young people and was quite good fun really the next day the weather was better so slowly some men clear the snow from the tracks at last the train started running and I was able to get my train to New York I finally arrived home late on Christmas night it was lovely to see my family and at least certainly some turkey

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The Man is Trying to get home.He is in Chicago.He was six months away,because he was travelling around The Canada.He want to be in home , because he miss his family,and he want to get home at Christmas.The weather is terrible.It is snownstorm.All trains is canelled.He don't want to go anywhere,so he must stay in The hotel.He spent All The night in The Whittingham room.He called his familly to tell them that they don't have to worry about him.He talking with young Man All The night.The next day was really good , because weather was better.He came back to The station.Someone snowed The rails and The trains can finaly run.He was in home on Christamas

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