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1. Rachel was walking to school when he saw his friends. 2. They were having a history lesson when the science teacher came into the room. 3. On the way home from school, Rachel bought a pizza. 4. Rachel and her mom were eating pizza when the doorbell rang. 5. Rachel went to the bed at 10 o'clock.  Zad. 6 1. Which film were you watching when I called you yesterday? 2. Where did they go on holiday last year? 3. What was Jane wearing when you met her today? 4. How did Ben get to school this morning? Zad. 7 1. started 2. heard 3. was talking 4. shouted 5. stood 6. were watching 7. went Zad 8  William used to help people, but he doesn't help them now. William used to tell the truth, but he doesn't do it now. William didn't use to have a lot of money, but he has a lot of money now. William used to make friends easily, but know he doesn't make friends easily. William didn't use to be miserable, but he is miserable now. 

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