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Uzupełnij czasownikami w czasie Past Simple, Continuous or Perfect. 1. Mr Parker was going towards the main building when the explosion happened. ' I _______ (be) very lucky. I ________ (park) my car two minutes befor and _______ (walk) to the office. Suddently there was a great flash of light and then the loudest bang I have ever heard. I ________ (fall over ) but I ________ (not be) hurt badly'. 2. 'I _________ (work) at my desk and the next second I was on the floor. My boyfriend _________ (leave) the office five minutes before and I was very worried about him. At that moment my mobile _________ (ring) and I ______ (hear) his voice saying " ________ you _______ (hear) that?" That was a stupid question!' 3. 'I _______ (fly) into London from Canada and about a minute before the captain __________ (tell) us to put on our seat belts ready for landing. At the moment he said this I __________ (look) out of the window because I _________ (want) to see London under us. There was suddenly a big orange light north of London - it was enormous.' 4. Clara Kent _________ (drive) to the offces to collect  her fiance, Greg. 'I ______ (arrive) at 3.55 p.m. and Greg was ready so he ________ (get in) and I ________ (drive) away. A we ________ (drive) away from the uilding, we _______ (see) this huge white light but we  ______ (not gear) the noise until a second later.

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I was I had parked I was walking I fell over I wasn't  I  worked My boyfriend had left rang heard Had you heard that (nie jestem pewna) was flying had told was looking wanted was driving had arrived got in were driving saw didint' gear    

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