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Write questions and short aswers .Use the present simple or the present continuous. 1 your cat/like /milk?/Yes  2.Ben and Alice/watch/a film at the moment?Yes 3.you/speak/four languages?No 4.you and Oliver/talk/about the concert?Yes      

(2) Odpowiedź

1. Does your cat like milk? Yes, it does. 2. Do Ben and Alcie watch  a fil at the moment? Yes, they do. 3. Do you speak four languages? No, I'm not. 4. Do you and Oliver talk about the concert? Yes, we do.


1.Does your cat like milk? Yes,He does. 2.Are Ben and Alice watching a film at the moment? Yes, They are. 3.Do you speak four languages? No, I don't. 4.Are you and Olivier talking about the concert? Yes, We are.

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