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zad1) Circle the correct form of the verbs. 1) When the eathquake began, we slept/ were sleeping. 2)The storm hit/ was hitting three cities in the south of the country. 3)The water rose/ was rising quickly, so I was running/ ran back to the hotel. 4)At nine o'clock last night it rained/ was raining. 5) We were standing/ stood in the garden when the hurricane hit/ was hitting. 6) cars crashed/ were crashning,so we were stopping/ stopped quickly. 7) We saw/ were seeing the avalanche while we skied/ were skiing. 8) I drove/ was driving home when the blizzard was starting/ started.

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1b 2a 3b,b 4b 5a,a 6b,b 7a,b 8b,b


1) B 2) A 3) B, B 4) B 5) A, A 6) B, B 7) A, B 8) B,B

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