reescreva as frases abaixo na forma interrogativa do verbo to be (am, is , are ) 1- she is a banker 2- you are a chef 3- he is at home. 4- they are lawyers. 5- i am a painter. 6- we are managers. 7- anne and susy are judges. 8- i´m a doctor. 9- it´s in the room. 10- you´re singers.

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is she a banker?  are you a cherf? is he at home ? are they lawyers? am i a painter? are we managers? are anne and susy judges? am i doctor? am it´s in the room are you´re singers?


1: is she a banker? 2: are you a chef? 3: is he At home? 4: are they lawyers? 5; am i a painter? 6: are we managers? 7: are anne and susy judges? 8: am i a doctor? 9: is ir in the room? 10 até you singers?

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