1.Lacul a secat ; a fost foarte cald vara aceasta . 2. Toata ziua a stat in aer liber si acum se odihneste. 3.Ai cumparat vre-o carte buna in ultima vreme ? 4.Ati locuit toata viata in aceasta casa veche ? 5. Nu l-am vazut de cand era copil. 6.Invatam engleza de sase ani . 7.De trei zile ninge mult , deci am stat in casa.  Trebuie sa le traduc in engleza ! 

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1. Lake was dried up; It was very hot this summer. 2. all day stayed outdoors and now is resting. 3. you bought a good book lately? 4. have you ever lived my whole life in this old House? 5. I have not seen since he was a child. 6. Learn English for six years. 7. three days it's snowing a lot, so I stayed in the House.

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