Cineva ma poate ajuta si pe mine urgent va rog frumos

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1. My brother said he didn't want a menial job. 2. My sister said that she likes studying german because it's more challenging than english. 3. My uncle said that his support for scottish nationalism is embarrasing for the government. 4. My cousin said that winning the trophy was the greatest moment of her life. 5. The guard asked me to open my suitcase. 6. My daughter said that in her opinion, hungarian is the most dificult language in the world. 7. The teacher said that english at universiry will be much more varied than english at school. 8. My colleague said that she is surprised that everyone in the class is asleep. 9. My brother said that his favourite movie actor is Leonardo Dicaprio 10.my cousin asked me if i could lend him my dictionary.

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