Comment on the following statement. It s much letter to see the film than read the book.  Ma puteti ajuta cu o compunere ?

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Ar trebui sa precizezi si cam cate cuvinte... dar in fine. O sa fac tot ce pot :)  I think it's much better to see the film than read the book because I don't like reading books that much. It's not that I am lazy, but to be honest, watching a film is much more interesting. When I read a book, I feel I am about to fall asleep and I get bored of it easily. But when I watch a film, I am always with the eyes glued to the screen and I never lose my interest in it. The films have images that match the content, sounds, and sometimes even music. And also, when I watch a film, I don't watch it alone. I always watch it with my friends so we laugh together or get scared together. Watching a film is more fun and relaxing. Since I can't read a book with my friends or classmates, I find it exhausting and dull.  So, in my opinion, watching a film is much more catchy. Sper ca ti-am fost de ajutor! :)

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