Ex. 4 care are legatura cu ex. 1

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Ex.1 - potrivirea propozitiilor cu explicatiile:  1 h 2 f 3 c 4 g 5 d 6 a 7 e 8 b Ex.4:  1. A distant cousin of mine had to DROP OUT of university because he needed to support his two little brothers. He had been very passionate about his studies but he needed to work, too. Unfortunately his grades dropped and he lost his free tuition. He was forced to drop out in the second year and he's hoping to continue in a few years. 2. I was once at a family reunion where my parents and uncles were talking about old memories from their childhood. I SLIPPED OUT when they were laughing about uncle John because I couldn't understand the joke and I was bored. I went to my room and read a magazine instead.  3. My mom decided last year that it was time to MOVE ON from her old job. She shortly found one that payed much better and was less stressful. We were all happy about how things turned out. She is happier and more relaxed now. 

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