Propozitii cu I was , you were,he was,she was,it was,we were,you were si they were

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yesterday , i was there .  you were my best friend . he was so cute . she was the most intelligent girl in the school. it was the best movie . we were there for them . you were very tired with us . they were my borther and my sister .


1) I was in the Central Park one week ago . ( Am fost in parcul central cu o saptamana in urma) 2) You were the best at math.  (Ai fost cel mai bun la mate ) 3) He was to sick to go to school . (El a fost prea bolnav pentru a merge la  scoala)  4) She was my deskmate . (Ea a fost colega mea de banca ) 5) It was a very smart dog . ( El a fost un caine foarte destept ) 6) We were at a awesome party . (Noi am fost la o petrecere grozava ) 7) You were strongest than me . (Voi ati fost mai puternici decat mine ) 8) They were the best football team . (Ei au fost cea mai buna echipa de fotbal )

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