Take turns to answer the questions. 1)What s something you are really scared of? 2)Who someone you are very proud of? 3)What s something you are good at? 4)Whats something you are annoyed about? 5)What s something you are now fed up with? 6)What s something are optimistic about ? 7)What s something you are responsible for? 8)Who are you very fond of? 9)What s something you are insipired with? 10)What are you sorry about? 11)Who do you feel sorry for? 12)Who s someone you are jealous of? 13)OWho in your family are you very different from ?

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1)I am scared of darkness 2)I am really proud of my friend 3)I am good at football 4)When my brother asks me the same thing over and over. 5)When a boy from my class is rude with me 6)When I believe in someone 7)When I have to clean my room. 9)I am inspired of hip-hop dance 10)Every time when I do something wrong 11)I feel sorry for my feind's mum. 12)I'm really jealous of my dog . 13)I'm different from my brother.

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