text argumentativ in engleza cu titlul: the trouble with learning from experience is that you never graduate

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In my opinion you cant graduate at that subject,mainly beacuse you cant label somewhone's intelligence ,there aren't enough criteria for you to consider when you want to aproximate somewhone's IQ.The world has we know it is Objective as it is Subjective,beacuse the world is one ,we all see the same things,same events,we even speak the same language but we all interpretate these facts differently.Emotions,memories ,actions,they all affect our passive mind diferently from person to person,and not to speak of humans stubborn side,wich block's human evolution and it's understanding.Well,we are all free when it comes to making a choice that has a strong influence on our behalf,it is the unwritten laws of human kind,you have the right to happines,propriety and exprimation,more or less,I mean I would not bet that with all the mass deconception tools.

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