There are 13 mistakes in the conversation. Find and correct them. The first was done for you. William:Are you enjoying you time in Washington DC? Jayden: Definitely. It’s a amazing city. William: How long have you been here? Jayden: I’ve been here for less then an week. William: What have you manage to visit? Jayden: Well, I’ve been to the Jefferson Memorial situated on the Tidal Basin which is surrounded by cherry trees. It is a very peacefull place. William: It is, isn’t it? You should visit the Smithsonian museums on the National Mall. My favorite museum is National Air and Space Museum. Though much people love the National Museum of Natural History. Jayden: Oh, yes. The museums are on my list. But first of all, I’d like to go at the National Zoo. Animal are my passion. I have never seen pandas. William: That’s a great idea! Don’t forget to post some picture of your stay in the Washington DC. I’d love to see them. Jayden: I’ve already posted some them. Check my page on FB. William: I will. It’s was nice talking at you. Jayden: The same here. See you. William: See you.

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AN amazing city THAN a week have you MANAGED IN the National mall some PICTURES some OF them IT WAS nice talking TO you are you enjoying YOUR time in

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