Va rog cine stie sa faca ex. Asta??!! Dau coroana

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1. When they were younger they used to go out dancing every weekend. (a) 2. The doctor hasn't seen such a difficult case before. (c) 3. I was trying to find a solution to the problem when my brother realized that we were both wrong. (d) 4. Whenever we met we shook hands. (c) 5. If you are so fond of wrinting you should participate in the competition. (c) 6. His new trousers don't fit him. (a) 7. The secretary has been trying to get in touch with the customer for two hours. (d) 8. I will consider starting my own business if I win the lottery. (b) 9. While they were walking home they saw an accident. (a) 10. After they reached the cottage they realized someone else had been there. (b)

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