Write questions with Be going to. 1 We are going to the cinema(what time\ meet)? 2 Ingrid is going to the shopping centre. (what\ buy)? 3March and Sharon are going out for lunch.(how long\ last)? 4 There is a Scottish are going out for lunch. (how long\ last)? 5 I' m going to the festival (who\ go with)? 6 My cousin is coming over for dinner (what\ cook)? 7 My parents are going to Spain (how long\ stat)? 8 They are going to the carnaval(what\ wear)? Mulțumesc!!

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1 What time are we going to meet? 2 what is she going to buy? 3 How long is it going to last? 4 How long is it going to last? 5 Who are you going to go with? 6 What are you going to cook? 7 How long are they going to stay? 8 What are they going to wear?

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